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Tidak berbeda jauh dengan Ambulance stretcher SR-A3, Ambulance Stretcher SR-A6 ini memiliki lebuh banyak kegunaan, selain sebagai alat untuk memindahkan pasien, stretcher jenis ini juga dapat difungsikan sebagai emergency bed, dan juga kursi roda. Biasanya Stretcher jenis ini dipasang pada Ambulance Type Deluxe atau Ambulance International.

- With capability to convert into wheel chair
- The backrest can be adjusted from 0 - 65 deg by gas spring
- Swing-down side rails to protect patient when transfer
- The mechanical legs are controlled by right handle
- Only one person can slide the stretcher on to the ambulance.
- The ambulance chair stretcher can be locked by the fixing device when it is in the ambulance
- The ambulance chair stretcher is made of high-strength aluminum alloy
- Ø 125mm wide rubber castors
- Mainly used for ambulance, hospitals, emergency centers
- High position 195 x 55 x 85 cm
- Low position 195 x 55 x 25 cm
- N.W 39 Kg
- G.W 45 Kg
- Load bearing : 180 Kg

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